Common app essay word limit

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Common app essay word limit

Recently, an essay has become extremely popular. The essay is necessary for participation in various competitions, in many humanitarian disciplines, final and entrance exams require the ability to write essays. Journalists and writers, bloggers and politicians often turn to this genre of journalism.

An essay is a free-form work, but this does not mean that it should be written without a plan. Without proper planning, the writer may get carried away, get away from the original task. Without a plan, there will be no consistency and compositional completeness. The stream of consciousness was once in vogue. Modernity requires conciseness, specificity, clarity of presentation. So, having selected the material (including the quoted material), think over the plan. You can make adjustments to it while writing an essay. This is not forbidden. The main thing is that the logic does not leave you. In most cases, the amount of word limit do not exceed 800 words.

Know what great scientists, philosophers, writers, politicians said on this topic. Write interesting quotes without forgetting where you found them. Get used to taking someone else’s legal means. A warped quote is no better than plagiarism. Respect the work of others, someone else’s opinion. Read your essay only in this case, imbued with respect for you.

After writing, check and modify it. Show your draft (preferably neatly written or printed) to a specialist in the field where the essay is written.

Naturally, people do not write real essays on exams. It is impossible to know and remember so much information. Books and the Internet are not at hand, and not everyone has a phenomenal memory. But the requirements for the exam essay are different. Exam essays have little in common with the philosophical and journalistic genre. This is no longer “thoughts about,” but a specific argument about a specific problem. In this essay, the minimum of emotions is used, and the maximum knowledge about the subject is present. Before the exam, it is better to consult with a teacher or tutor. The essay does not depend in any way on the amount of knowledge or on the subject of research, which makes it a kind of the opposite of the long-known test.

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