How to end a research paper

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How to end a research paper

There are many approaches to how exactly it is better to complete your research paper and in our article, we offer you to get acquainted with some methods that can help you.

Re-read your essay writing and try to briefly and concisely express the main idea that you are trying to convey to your readers. Since your research paper is devoted to a specific problem, it can be considered as a thesis of your text. Starting your story with a specific statement, and as you continue writing, introducing your readers to the course of your thoughts, in conclusion, you can again submit the first, main idea of ​​your essay. This is an excellent trick because after reading the text, the understanding of the main phrase can be very different, and even the opposite.

A research paper is not an analytical genre, and its principal characteristic is public, philosophical arguments on the subject of the problem in question sometimes take up the lion’s share of the work. In the research paper, speculation is appropriate – the theorists studying this genre have spoken about this more than once.

The publicism of the research paper also involves communication with the reader. At the end of the essay, you can invite your readers to discuss with you this topic, by asking rhetorical questions or calling for action, which in turn will undoubtedly interest the reader, will make him think after reading.

Trying to finish the essay, you should not simply state the thesis presented at the beginning. As already mentioned, after reading the article, the opinion about the problem can change dramatically, but for this, you need to help your readers achieve this, help to reach a higher level in their conclusions, end with a phrase that will make you think, come to certain conclusions yourself.

It is inappropriate to insert a quote in the conclusion. Reasonings and statements of well-known authors and figures can and should be used in the main part, but you should only submit your conclusions to the reader, showing what you have come to after analyzing this problem and new information here to anything.