Definition essay

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Definition essay

Here you can be as subjective as you want. You do not have a task to fully cover the topic. These are just your thoughts on a specific topic.

An essay is also an artistic genre, widely used in the modern world, printing and literature.

Instead of facts, the original thinking of the author comes to the fore. Now you do not need to run on the Internet in search of topics and informational reasons. Here the reason is also present. But this, most likely, is just a thought, a topic on which you jumped and decided to think.

Here you show your intelligence and emotions. This is an option to show your style because you are not limited to a specific style. You can use any expression and all colors of the language. There are no frames!


Now let’s analyze what the plan of an essay should be and what to write here.

1. Introduction

2. The main reasons

3. Additional reasons

4. Decoupling

5. Conclusion

Some of you may not know how to start an essay. But do not worry! There is nothing complicated here. In the first part (input) it is enough to indicate how you are going to solve the problem.

The size of the input should be small. Just describe the solution in general terms. Or you can immediately ask the reader questions, and in other parts to reveal it.

In the next part, you must demonstrate to the reader that you understand the subject. Here it is necessary to show that everything is balanced.

For example, in the second part, there will be reasons confirming the content of the fourth part. But this is only a conditional distribution.

In the second part, you may have the most convincing reasons “for” and “against”. And in the third part, there are a few additional ideas.

The primary way to write good things is to write according to the plan. But this should not be too detailed. There were schemes where it was written. But the songs in such cases were not very good.

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